Exagen Diagnostics

Exagen is committed to providing physicians with products that address the significant unmet need for accurate and timely diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of ARD/CTD so they, in turn, can help more patients in need. We will continue translating our discovery and development into real solutions that are safe, reliable and cost effective. Learn more at

LupusChick was birthed in 2008 to encourage those living with Lupus and other autoimmune diseases. Here, men and women can find information, advice, nutrition, recipes, coaching, humor, life hacks, true stories and more. Marisa’s mission is to help others live the most vibrant, healthiest life possible despite chronic illness.

Lupus Research Alliance

As of 2017, the Lupus Research Alliance has funded $173 million in support of novel lupus research, leading to key discoveries that are improving diagnosis and treatment, while helping researchers find the mechanisms to prevent and cure the disease. With our comprehensive grant programs, we help scientists pursue new ideas and advance proven approaches that improve treatment. The Board of directors cover all operational expenses, so 100% of donations goes directly to research.

Discover Your Power

Lizeth Santamaria founded Discover Your Power to help empower people living with lupus create the life they want through coaching, motivational speaking, and lupus advocacy. Lizeth is an experienced Coach who has been living with lupus for over 12 years. Through coaching with Lizeth you will learn how to Discover Your Power and take an active approach to create a happy and heathy lifestyle. You will also gain the tools and resources needed to begin taking control of your health and wellness by making positive changes and developing healthy habits. Lizeth is also a Lupus Advocate for the Lupus Foundation of America who participates in lupus advocacy and fundraising for lupus. She lives happily in Orlando, FL and enjoys spending her time with her family and friends, while living a fun and active lifestyle. She is passionate about helping people make progress towards changing their lives and inspiring them to feel empowered to take steps to create the life they want! Click here to find out more about Discover Your Power

Important: While successful for the majority of users, not all people respond to LupaVita™. If after 60 days you have not realized any of the benefit, please return your order for a refund under our guarantee. Because every lupus case is different, it is important to speak to you doctor before trying LupaVita™. If you have any questions please reach out to us at or speak to your physician or rheumatologist. LupaVita does not cure, treat, or prevent any disease. LupaVita™ is a multi-vitamin created to assist in the diet of someone diagnosed with Lupus.*

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Provided by Monash University