Can men have Lupus too?

Did you know that up to 22% of lupus patients are males? This may be shocking to some since most people assume that lupus only occurs in women. Lupus can develop in anyone wether your age, sex or race. Lupus is usually more common in women because women produce a sex hormone, estrogen, that encourages the development of autoimmune diseases. However, men can produce a sex hormone as well, androgen, that if levels become too low it is thought to connect the development of Lupus in males.

So you may be wondering do men and women with Lupus experience the same symptoms? Yes. They both experience joint pain, skin rashes, skin sensitivity and much more. Since men are less likely to seek medical attention due to their “suck it up” mentality, things such as pleurisy, renal disease, and discoid lupus are more common in men than in woman. Because men are typically diagnosed later than women they tend to have more disease activity leading to more drastic symptoms. 

Prevention and treatment are the same when it comes to men and women living with Lupus. Medications in women may differ in order to decrease the changes of birth defects. However, men and women can both be faced with issues when it comes to baring children.