Being Newly Diagnosed with Lupus

While living with Lupus may change your lifestyle, the good news is that with the right medications and care, you can live a long, happy, and productive lifestyle.

Understanding your diagnoses is important to accepting this lifestyle. With the right state of mind and proper care, you can live to your full potential.

It’s not your fault.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed in the past or diagnosed recently, you should know that the onset of Lupus is not your fault. Lupus can occur for a number a reasons, and unfortunately the research we have now has not found the exact cause. However, we do know it is a combination of multiple factors.

To learn more about autoimmune conditions like lupus, check our our blog here

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Educating Yourself

Educating yourself with your condition as much as you can is especially important. If you can recognize symptoms early on, you can alert your doctor. Be sure to keep asking questions– don’t be afraid to be curious. The more you know, the more in-control you have with your condition.

Be sure your Lupus information research is from a valuable, scholarly-recognized source. Check out your local library for more resources!

Keep a Journal for Daily Activity!

Every lupus case is different. While your doctor can help you with you and your condition, you must remember that no one in the world has the same condition as you. Keeping a journal for your daily acitvity (mood, food log, sleep, etc) can help you keep record of anything strange symptoms.

In addition, keeping a journal is also helpful for understanding you flares and triggers. Recognizing any unusual patterns or responses to anything can help you better understand your condition

Maintain a Good Diet and Exercise

Your doctor will probably recommend you to eat certain foods. We strongly recommend you intake food that are high in salt, fat and sugar in moderation. Not only will this help you with your lupus symptoms, but you will have more energy overall.

Moderate exercise can be helpful for maintaining flares. Keeping your body active (to your level) has many benefits.


Maintain the recommended amount of daily vitamins

LupaVita can supply the daily nutrients and vitamins commonly needed for lupus patients. With our product, we especially crafted our supplement to provide you the right amount of vitamins and nutrients in the convenience of a daily pill.

If you are interested in our product, click here.  Print out this page and show your doctor to see if our product is right for you. We strongly recommend you speak with your doctor beforehand, as every case of lupus is different. 

Get Rest and Relaxation

Listen to your body and know your limits. Rest is VITAL to allow your body to recharge and recuperate. If you are lacking sleep, you may feel lethargic and unwell.

Find a Support group

Though going through this battle tough and tedious, know you are definitely not alone.  Having an outlet to consult to can help you emotionally and mentally, as long as its from a healthy place. The autoimmune community both online and offline is growing in a positive way. Using this a resource to share your experience can be empowering and helpful to you.

Here at LupaVita, we try to connect our Lupus community as a family.

Finally, don’t limit yourself and your abilities

Living with lupus is just apart of your lifestyle, but it does not define who you are. Live to your full potential, and do what makes you happy as a better person.

We hope this have been helpful to you and your condition.