Our Mission

Here at LupaVita we have changed our vision from just being a multivitamin company to becoming a Lupus Activist Movement.  We strive to help the community by raising awareness for Lupus and getting enough people involved to make a difference. In the past few months we have partnered with a number of Lupus non-profits to unify our goal of educating the community about Lupus.  We have participated in walks, seminars, and informational sessions focusing on underlying causes of the disease.  Lupus is a disease that effects so many people and still no one has heard about it. We are directing our focus on getting our voices heard.  We have built a support community through our social media platforms and will continue to be a place for anyone to learn about their Lupus.  We have been able to accomplish this while still allowing you to receive your vitamins in one capsule, once a day, at a fraction of the price….LupaVita!

How LupaVita Can Help You!

Purchase LupaVita online through our website, Amazon page, or any of our certified retailers.

Start getting your vitamins in 1 capsule, once a day, at the fraction of the price.

Stop taking 10-15 capsules and stop spending $75-$100/mo. on your vitamins.

How LupaVita works

Why Choose LupaVita

LupaVita was formulated with the help of rheumatologists, nutritionists and functional medicine practitioners. We distinguish ourselves from other multivitamins by our dosages. We chose the amount of each ingredient by looking at 1.) if it would be bioavailable and 2.) to regulate and maintain immune system response, not overwork it.

Satisfication Guarantee

Our 60 day guarantee allows you to try LupaVita risk free! Your satisfaction is our top priority. Problems? Email support@lupavita.com We are confident that you will have success while using LupaVita, but if you are unsatisfied for any reason simply send the bottle back, used or sealed, for a full refund – No Questions Asked

Made in a FDA registered facility

Our specialized proprietary blend contains only the highest quality herbal extracts and vitamins. All of the vitamins and herbs hold certificates of anaylsis. LupaVita™ is made exclusively in the United States in FDA approved facilities that meet all CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.

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What Our Users are Saying

4.7 out of 5

*Results May Vary from Person to Person

The LupaVita Community

Over the past few months, we have shifted our focus on becoming a Lupus Activist Movement. Please follow any of our social media accounts and find out more about us through our blog. Please reach out if you are struggling, newly diagnosed, or may be interested in setting up a support call with one of our veteran lupies!

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LupaVita FAQ’s

What is in LupaVita?

LupaVita™ is made from a proprietary blend of the highest quality vitamins and herbal extracts including Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Cherry Extract, Magnesium, Vitamin E, Turmeric Root, Black Pepper, Flaxseed Oil Powder, Zinc, Selenium, and Vitamin C. It includes all the nutrients you need to raise deficiency levels living with Lupus. Please see our supplement facts for exact dosage.

How do I know if this will work for me?

LupaVita™ users have seen improvements in:

  • Fatigue
  • Low Levels of Vitamin D
  • Inflammation
  • Joint Pain
  • Skin/Butterfly Rash
  • Swelling
  • Headaches
  • Photosensitivity or limited sun light exposure

*Results vary from person to person. These improvements are based off customer reviews.

How long will it take to see results?

Every Lupus case is different and so is every persons vitamin intake.  Some customers have seen results in as early as 2 weeks, while others have not seen results until the second bottle. We always recommend speaking to your doctor before starting LupaVita.

Can I take LupaVita™ with my current prescriptions?

Users have used LupaVita with a number of different prescribed medication. Every Lupus case is different, so it is important to speak with you doctor before trying LupaVita.